Sleeping Bear - amulet pouch


A little handmade necklace pouch for keeping medicine close to the heart. Use this little sleeping bear pouch for treasures of the heart, crystals, amulets, herbs or precious words.

The village in the Kootenay region where I live is surrounded by lakes and mountains and is prime habitat for black bears and grizzlies. In the winter they hibernate in dens which they usually dig into the side of slopes in the mountains. I have embroidered the outline of the bear's cave with a tunnel becoming a hidden spiral at the back of the pouch - see the 2nd image.

There's a unique kind of sweetness in the making of these small vessels for holding precious things close. I have lovingly made them out of small pieces of hand dyed natural cloth with combinations of botanical dye, shibori, stitching, embroidery, printing and anything else that the fiber fairies whisper in my ear.


* Pouch measures 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches

* 100% cotton - rust printed and dyed with indigo and black tea.

* Screenprinted sleeping bear.

* Hand embroidered with cotton embroidery thread.

* Closure is small snap fastener and a fabric flap - as shown in the 3rd image.

* 100% linen adjustable neck cord.

* Black and white bone bead with stars through which the neck cord is threaded. Adjust by pulling through to desired length and retye the knot. Remember that it still needs to fit over your head.

* Wash warm and hang to dry.

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