Leaves are Jewels - ecoprint and botanical dyed silk scarf


When silk captures the colours of nature something magical happens.

This painterly watercolour approach to ecoprinting is what I like to do best. This is my signature style. The range and richness of colours on this large sized flat crepe silk scarf are absolutely exquisite.

The maple leaves are an incredible green against a warm background of pinks, apricot and gold. At each end I used the sweet little leaves and buds of tickseed leaving delicate impressions against a smoky mauve background. Leaves of the smokebush (cotinus coggygria) make their silvery impressions down both sides, interacting with the other botanicals and colour along the way. I've also used botanical dyes black walnut, cochineal and brazilwood in building the layers of this piece in the dye bath.

This is a large but very lightweight silk scarf with a soft drape. It can be worn looped, knotted, draped, hooded or as a light shawl. Wear this large sized scarf in a variety of ways - silk offers warmth in winter and coolness in the summer.


Measurements: 88 inches long by 21 inches wide

Fibre content: 100% flat crepe silk

Stitching: Hand rolled hemmed

Care instructions: Wash by hand in cool or warm water using a mild soap or a small bit of mild shampoo. Hang to dry, and iron if you wish.

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