Embroidered botanical amulet pouch


A little handmade necklace pouch for keeping medicine close to the heart. I have embroidered Japanese barberry 'berberis thunbergi' on this little pouch which can be used for keeping treasures of the heart, crystals, amulets, herbs or precious words.

There's a unique kind of sweetness in the making of these small vessels for holding precious things close. I have lovingly make them out of small pieces of hand dyed natural cloth with combinations of botanical dye, shibori, stitching, embroidery, printing and anything else that the fiber fairies whisper in my ear.


* Pouch measures 3 .5 inches by 2.5 inches

* Hand dyed with indigo.

* 100% cotton with cotton inner lining.

* Hand embroidered with cotton embroidery floss.

* 100% linen neck cord and drawstring closure with indigo dyed organic cotton loops. Pull each end of drawstring to close. Neck cord is attached separately.

* Wash warm and hang to dry.

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