A magical botanical alchemy occurs when cloth meets the vibrant and earthy colours of nature on plant dyed and eco printed silk. These collections of botanically dyed silks, screen printed purses and soft fibre jewelry are reflections of who I am, where I live and what inspires me. Living in a small village in the Kootenays, nestled under the mountains on the beautiful Slocan Lake, brings me close to nature every day.

Two things have always been a constant for me - being an artist and being a gardener. Our garden is filled to the brim with food, plant medicine, dye plants and beauty. Most of the art I make revolves around nature, the plant world and my relationship with them. The most profound joy for me is uncovering the red roots of madder from my garden, making a golden medicinal oil from the calendula flowers scattered throughout the garden, or bringing in the harvest in the fall.

The colours, shapes and printed images in these wearable or functional objects all have profound meaning to me, and I offer them to you from a place of joyful connection to this earth.

For more of my art, including process, drawings, prints and my Old Age Security Blanket Project please visit https://morgenbardati.com/