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Ametrine - Ecoprint and botanical dyed silk scarf


This lovely mysterious silk scarf has swathes of silvery black with hidden leaf forms and shimmering amethyst purple/pink with gold and rust specks from tiny flower buds. It reminds me of an ametrine crystal which is a combination of amethyst and citrine, and just like crystals change colour with the movement of light over their surface, so does the beautiful surface of silk. This is a flat crepe silk which has the most delicious lustre and soft drape.

Eco printed with sumac leaves, tickseed flowers, cotinus (smokebush) and rose leaves from my garden. The ametrine purple pink comes from brazilwood and cochineal, a natural dye which comes from tiny insects who have a special relationship with the cactus that they live on.

There are exquisite shibori stitched resist patterns against the dark silvery black background in the centre of this scarf that because of their placement make a beautiful feature where the scarf encircles the neck.

This is a large but very lightweight silk scarf with a soft drape. It can be worn looped, knotted, draped, hooded or as a light shawl. Wear this large sized scarf in a variety of ways - silk offers warmth in winter and coolness in the summer.


Measurements: 88 inches long by 21 inches wide

Fibre content: 100% flat crepe silk

Stitching: Hand rolled hemmed

Care instructions: Wash by hand in cool or warm water using a mild soap or a small bit of mild shampoo. Hang to dry, and iron if you wish.