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Earth and Romance - Ecoprint silk scarf with ruffles


Warm earthy tones of rust and nut browns, apricot and gold are captured on this ecoprinted and resist dyed designer scarf. This one of a kind scarf is double sided and reversible with a gorgeous pair of soft silk ruffles in contrast to the earthy ecoprinted silk noil panel. So many ways to wear this unusual scarf and dress the simplest of outfits into a stunning look. The reverse layer is soft habotai silk with a dark and rust brown patterning - it can be turned out to look like lapels, and even pinned with a brooch to give it a romantic look.

The silk noil (raw silk) panel features ecoprinted smokebush leaves ( cotinus coggygria ) with purple gray outlines forming patterns on a warm apricot background. Botanical dyes used here are madder, pomegranate and logwood.

The silk habotai ruffles and inside panel have been dyed with cutch and onion skins. The gold star on each ruffle was made using a clamped resist technique called itajime. Patterning on the inside panel was made by using a knotting technique to resist the dye.


Measurements: The entire scarf length including ruffles is 77 inches long by 13 inches wide. Ruffles are 8 inches in length.

Fibre content: 100% silk noil, 100% silk habotai

Stitching: Machine and hand stitched.

Care instructions: Wash by hand in cool or warm water using a mild soap or a small bit of mild shampoo. Hang to dry, and iron if you wish.