Circle in a Square - rust and indigo silk scarf


All circles have an invisible square on the outside, but these magical squares have an invisible circle on the inside.

Each of the small square shapes on this silk scarf have been made by binding linen thread around a cherry seed and then dyeing the cloth in an indigo vat. When the bindings are released and the seeds removed, beautiful organic squares remain. The larger circles were also made by binding. This piece was done in layers with the bound shibori resist patterns created over a layer of rust printed patterns.

The time involved in creating these lovely markings on silk is very much my labour of love for colour, cloth and pattern. No square with their invisible circle is exactly the same. Almost as much time goes into removing the bindings and I was able to save all the indigo dyed linen thread for another project. My process is shown in the last image.

This is a lightweight silk scarf with a soft drape. It can be worn looped, knotted or draped. Wear this medium sized scarf in a variety of ways - silk offers warmth in winter and coolness in the summer.


Measurements: 70 inches long by 14 inches wide

Fibre content: 100% lightweight silk habotai.

Stitching: Hand hemmed by the artist using 100% silk thread

Care instructions: Wash by hand in cool or warm water using a mild soap or a small bit of mild shampoo. Hang to dry, and iron if you wish.