Multiply times Two - phone utility purse

  • Multiply times Two - phone utility purse
  • Multiply times Two - phone utility purse

Made of 100% hemp, dyed and screen printed by hand, this purse is a perfect size to hold a phone and a few essentials. It has a short handle which can be clipped onto a belt, backpack or around the handle/straps of a larger purse or bag.

The printed image is called "Multiply", inspired by nature's creativity, the fertility of the universe, and how life multiplies itself. All of my prints are from original pen and ink drawings inspired by nature and the plants in my garden.


* Colour: hand dyed medium denim blue with copper and white prints

* 100% hemp with hand dyed cotton lining (blue)

* Measures 6.5 inches high by 5.5 inches wide - may not be suitable for larger phones - please measure your phone before purchase.

* Closure is a bright orange zipper.

* Stiff interfacing between outside fabric and lining.

* Bronze coloured metal clip on a 9 inch strap, easily clips on a belt, backpack or bag making this purse handy for accessing a phone, passport, cards, cash, keys or other essentials quickly. These are great for travel.

* Wash by hand or gently in a machine with mild soap. Hang to dry and iron if you wish.